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2023 for the charitable foundation “Sylni”

We have provided psychological, medical, and legal assistance for people who experienced sexual violence after February 24, 2022. All services are provided confidentially and free of charge regardless of sex, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. 

We assisted survivors of all types of sexual or sexualized violence, whether the perpetrator is a civilian or a military person. We also helped survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, that is, violence perpetrated by the occupiers and their accomplices.


The main focus of the charitable foundation  “Sylni” in 2023 was improving our work and strengthening our team, with the ultimate aim to continuously improve the services we provide.


Our mission remains unchanged: 

We work to ensure that everyone who survived sexual violence receives specialized assistance and can live the best of their lives despite the trauma they experienced.

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Help provided

In 2023 our foundation received 386 requests for assistance, and 70 people decided to receive help from “Sylni”. 


Up to date, 6 people filed sexual violence cases against russian military personnel and their allies. 10 cases were filed against civilians.

492  total number of services provided by “Sylni” in 2023.

  • 414 psychological sessions

  • 62 medical services

       7 gynecological consultations

       12 gynecological services

       23 laboratory testing

       9 dental services

  • 16 legal consultations (provided by partner organizations)


In 2023, “Sylni” actively worked with cases of sexual violence during the war, in particular after captivity. Our team attended several specialized conferences and trainings that allowed us to work in this particular area.

For example, we visited:

  • Two-day workshop “Holistic care and Referral Mechanisms for Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV)” by Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

  • “Sexual Rehabilitation in Ukraine: Reality vs Perspectives”


This year we worked a lot on expanding partnerships, networking with colleagues, and state social services. 

We are proud of our partnerships with:

  • Dobrobut Foundation 

  • Sheptytskyi Hospital 

  • Pharmacy chain «Apteka Dobrogo Dnia»

  • Free Legal Aid 

  • The All-Ukrainian mental health program “How Are U?” 

  • Kyiv Olen

  • Watsons Ukraine chain

  • NGO “La Strada - Ukraine”

  • Charity market “Kurazh”

  • Online boutique “I am volya”

  • Public Union “Your Family Doctor” 

  • NGO “Innovative Social Solutions”

  • Bitmedia Fund

  • CO “Obiymy”


Our team had attend several events that helped us to expand our partnerships and cooperation with the state agencies. Key events:


  • The Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen

  • First Mental Health Forum

  • 12th Civil Society Development Forum


In 2023 we participated in creation of 29 articles in different media outlets:

  • NV

  • The Village Україна

  • Hromadske radio

  • 24 Channel

  • RBC-Ukraine

  • Kyiv Post

  • LB

Our media outreach was over 350 000 contracts.

In 2023, for the first time, we produced a social advertisement on the radio where we tried to highlight the importance of receiving assistance as a result of violence. We are very thankful to “Avtoradio”, “Radio Pyatnytsia” and “Podilske Radio” for placing our advertisements.

Social Media

Instagram: In 2023 our outreach was 313 000 views. This is doubled compared to 2022 when we had 151 thousand views.

Facebook: We observed a slight increase of 173 000 in 2023 versus 150 000 in 2022. 

Twitter: We managed to reach 390 000 contacts in the first year of maintaining the page.

Partner and Information Campaigns

One of the important goals of the Foundation is to raise awareness about sexual violence and fight against myths and stereotypes that exist around this topic in our society. In 2023, we were able to implement several large-scale campaigns in cooperation with partners.


  • “Sylni” posters in Invincibility Points

At the beginning of 2023, Kseniya Semenova - Kyiv Council member, helped “Sylni” to place our printed materials (brochures, stickers, posters) in all Invincibility Points in Kyiv. We also placed our printed materials in other region centers around Ukraine. A total of 5000 different info materials were distributed during this cooperation.


  • “Together for Help” – information campaign with Watsons Ukraine 

This is our first large-scale collaboration with business. From May until December 2023 together with Watsons Ukraine chain, we launched the “Together for Assistance” campaign. 


Our printed materials were placed in 256 stores around Ukraine with information on how to receive specialized assistance from our foundation related to sexual violence.


  • Informational projects with the artist Oleksandr Kaliberda (with the pseudonym “Kyiv Olen”)


In 2023, we implemented two information campaigns about placing personal boundaries and debunking myths on the topic of sexual violence. Social media outreach for both campaigns was for over 1 million views. 


“Sylni” experts helped to create two series of comics: what are personal boundaries and how to place them; as well as comics series about the most common myths about sexual violence.


  • Information posters at the charity market “Kurazh”

In cooperation with the charity market “Kurazh,” we placed over 200 stickers that motivate people seeking help after sexual assault. Additionally, we placed posters that teach people how to prevent harassment in the public space. For example, phrases to use in public places, and transport on a street. The main idea is that everyone can stop harassment and it is very easy same as receiving help.

*You can learn more about the foundation's projects here.

Foundation expenses for 2023

802 805 UAH proceeds to the charity foundation "Sylni" for 2023. Thanks to charitable contributions from our benefactors, we had the opportunity to provide uninterrupted assistance to all wards who decided to contact us.

Foundation expenses for 2023 amounted to 969 346 UAH of which:

  • 623 382 UAH – direct assistance 

       444 050 грн – psychotherapy

       174 633 грн – medical expenses

  • 97 996 UAH – informational campaigns 

  • 247 967 UAH – operational expenses

  • assistance equivalent to 100 000 UAH provided as pro bono by specialists and partner organizations. We are extremely grateful to our partners for this valuable contribution. 

For 2024 our priorities and goals remain the same: to increase the number of people who receive help compared to those who need help but are unwilling to ask for it. 


We will continue to work on awareness raising: educating about sexual assault, addressing stigma and breaking existing stereotypes, and raising zero-tolerance to any kind of violence in Ukrainian society. 


Charitable foundation “Sylni” remains open for cooperation and partnerships with state agencies, non-commercial organizations and businesses. This is all for our common goal - to assist everyone who survived sexual violence after 24 February 2022. 

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