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A charitable foundation that provides help for people who have survived sexual violence during the war

Women, men, teenagers, kids and their parents can get help in the following:

medical expenses cover, psychological support and legal assistance

I need help

Confidential and free

I want to help

Financially, raising awareness and more


About Us

Sylni is a charitable foundation that provides confidential and free help for people who have survived wartime sexual violence.


Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in various fields who volunteer to provide quality help and assistance. We are guided by the principles of ethics, privacy and safety for all who contact us, regardless of sex, age, gender or sexual orientation. And also regardless of who committed the crime: a civilian or a soldier (from the russian or Ukrainian side).


Our work is being financed by benefactors - more than 6 thousand people have already joined the contributed to support people who have survived sexual violence.

Our Founders


Yaryna Vyshenska

director of Nudge agency, works with NGOs since 2017


Nadiia Volchenska

clinical psychologist, psychotherapist in the methods of CBT, DBT, scheme and gestalt direction. Works with people, including survivors of sexual violence, since 2011

Our Publications

August10 , 2022

Frame 7.png

How young women are driving Ukraine’s civil society during war

July 11, 2022

Frame 4.png

Why sexual violence happens during the war and what to do if it happened to you

July 25, 2022

Frame 6.png

4 stories about working with survivors of sexual violence

June 5, 2022

image 24 channel.jpeg

How to help sexual violence survivors: an interview with a psychotherapist

July 14, 2022

Frame 5.png

The Psychologists Treating Rape Victims in Ukraine

June 2, 2022

Frame 2.png

How the Sylni Foundation works and helps the surviors of sexual violence

Our Partners

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