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“Sylni” Charitable foundation Annual Activity Report 2022

Our mission: is to cover all expenses and provide medical, psychological and legal help for people who have survived sexual violence since the start of the full scale invasion, on 24 February 2022.

“I want all men, women, teenagers and kids, who have survived sexual violence, to feel strong, no matter what. [They] should know that we’re not going to give up on them. They’re not guilty and they don’t owe anyone anything.” Yaryna Vyshenska, co-founder of ‘Sylni’ foundation

“People are much stronger than they think. Our goal is to help people with getting this strength back.” – Nadiia Volchenska, co-founder of “Sylni” foundation

Areas of work

  • financing and providing free and confidential medical, legal, and psychological help to people who have survived sexual violence;

  • educational campaign to destigmatize sexual violence

  • distribution of informational materials and contact information about the foundation across Ukraine.

In 2022, “Sylni” foundation has received and processed 216 enquiries; 62 survivors of sexual violence have agreed to get help. The youngest person to receive help from the foundation is 12-year-old, the oldest is 47.

3 criminal investigations have already been opened and 2 more are underway.

Charitable Donations

Our total income in 2022 was 3 977 608 UAH:

  • 1 475 166 UAH

  • 62 134 US dollars

  • 5 755 Euros

  • 111 Polish zloty

Top-5 biggest donations of 2022 (until Feb 2023):

  • Swiss law firm: 2 035 755 UAH

  • Mindvalley company: 146 274 UAH

  • Anonymous transaction: 59 765 UAH

  • Anonymous transaction: 50 000 UAH

  • ‘Ah sure, look it’ shop: 23 427 UAH

Total expenditure in 2022 reached 210 434 UAH:

  • 97 637 UAH to cover expenses of the beneficiaries

  • 112 797 UAH to inform people (materials printing and marketing)

  • a part of our expenses, 376 000 UAH in total, was covered by the volunteer work of specialists and medical institutions. This allowed us to spend much less money from our account.

We would like to express our gratitude to the law firm "OLSON" and the Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association “JurFem” for providing free consultations. We would also like to thank the mobile telephone network operator "Lifecell" for giving us a 99% discount on certain services and communication systems.


In less than a year, we’ve established partnerships with the following organisations:

  • JurFem


  • International Medical Corps

  • UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission

  • Ukrainian Association of Specialists in Overcoming the Consequences of Psychotraumatic Events

  • Mental Health Crisis Services

  • Eleos Ukraine and more

Information Campaign

In 2022, more than 100 publications were made in the media outlets of various levels, some of them are:

  • Kyiv Independent

  • The New Yorker

  • Divoche.Media

  • Zaborona Media

  • The Village Ukraine

In 2022, 177 200 people have seen information and materials about the foundation:

  • 22 321 people interacted with the content of "Sylni" foundation on social media

  • 10 199 people shared our posts to their personal pages.

Informational support was provided by:

  • Irena Karpa

  • Ilya Poludyony

  • Kateryna Blyostka

Distribution of information materials

In 2022, the following was distributed across all regions of Ukraine (except Luhansk region and Autonomous Republic of Crimea):

  • Brochures - 23105

  • Posters - 3710

  • Stickers - 2159

Distribution sites include:

  • Regional, city and village councils

  • Department of social work with families, children and youth

  • Children social services

  • City and regional maternity and regular hospitals

  • Secondary schools, colleges, lyceums and hostels

  • Help Centres for internally displaced people

  • “Points of Invincibility”

Internal changes of ‘Sylni’ foundation in 2022:

  • creation of the website

  • the team has grown to 22 people working on a volunteer basis

  • "instant transfer" has been introduced for the benefactors’ convenience.

Charitable foundation “Sylni” provides medical, psychological and legal help for people who have survived sexual violence during the war. Confidential and free. To get help, you need to contact us via:

More information on the website or Instagram.


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