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Why is it important to support us informationally?

— You tolerate requests for assistance and say to everyone around you: “Speak up, don’t tolerate. If something happened to you, please seek assistance. I am against violence”.

— When you share information, more people venture to seek assistance if they survived sexual violence. The growing number of requests lead to institutional response: state, private and charity systems start to adapt and respond to requests by improving assistance and support mechanisms. Together with rising consequences for perpetrators.

— Your support by simply sharing our posts on social media is not only caring for those who survived this horror but it’s also a contribution towards eradication of the crime as such and repercussions for it.

Since the beginning of our work as a Foundation we have distributed thousands of information materials: brochures, posters and stickers. They are available at state and private health care facilities, volunteer hubs, invincibility points and other public places all around Ukraine.



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“Assistance for everyone”: information materials in regions

Aim: to reach a wider audience all around Ukraine, including frontline areas and temporarily occupied settlements, and share information about our Foundation and type of assistance we provide.

Idea: to create brochures, stickers and posters with encouraging phrases and information about assistance, the “Sylni” can provide. To ensure that information materials are available at healthcare facilities, state institutions, charity funds and around other public places.

Result: we placed materials in more than 200 settlements around government controlled areas. This resulted in numerous requests from people who needed qualified assistance from our Foundation.

How to join: please complete a request form here.

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Invincibility points

Aim: to inform  people who visit invincibility points about the “Sylni” foundation and the types of assistance we provide.

Idea: amid autumn and winter blackouts we decided to place our posters and stickers about the “Sylni” foundation at invincibility points in Kyiv. People who will visit these locations when charging their devices or warming up can learn about the foundation and reach us for assistance.

Result: we covered all invincibility points in Kyiv and partially around other city centres of Ukraine. Almost 5,000 paper materials of different types were located in 430 locations.

How to join: please complete a form indicating it’s “For invincibility point”

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Free Legal Aid

Aim: to inform people who address specialist from “Free Legal Aid” (FLA) about the “Sylni” foundation and its psychological and medical assistance available for people who survived sexual violence.

Idea: together with FLA to create brochures with detailed explanations about our joint cooperation and types of assistance available. Brochures are delivered through a network of FLA offices.

Results: around 4,000 brochures were distributed through offices of FLA throughout all Ukraine.

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“Together for Help”: information campaign with Watsons Ukraine

Aim: to support women, who shop at Watsons. Inform them about possible types of assistance that is available for them if they have survived sexual violence.

Idea: to locate stickers and wobblers at all Watsons stores in Ukraine at personal hygiene and essentials sections. When a woman shops for personal hygiene products she remains alone and can safely scan QR-code from a wobbler and/or sticker and reach us for assistance.

Result: information materials are now available at 256 stores around Ukraine.

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“Drawing personal boundaries”: a comics series together with illustrator Kyivskiy Olen (eng. Kyiv Deer)

Aim: to teach social media audiences about personal boundaries and why it’s important to be respectful. We chose comics as it is a very handy, brief and partially humorous tool for this purpose.

Idea: to develop a series of comics with hypothetical situations where personal boundaries can be disrespected - a doctor’s consultation, meeting someone on a street or inappropriate compliment.

Result: together with Oleksandr Kaliberda also known as an illustrator “Kyivskyi Olen” we published 10 comics. The outreach from this campaign was 400,000 views and more than 51,000 “likes”.

How to join: for media cooperation please reach us at

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